Cơ hội đến với New York cùng Challenge Future

They are the ones who you see on TV, in the newspapers, the ones who we all look up to, world’s most inspiring changemakers. How would you like to meet face to face the most powerful people, be a part of a transformative experience dedicated to building better businesses, better people, a better world? Now you have the chance!

Get to attend the World Business Forum in New York, 2-3 October 2012 and meet Richard Branson, Jack Welch and many more. Plus have dinner with Challenge:Future Founder and President, Andreja Kodrin. All of this in the magical city of New York!

Your task

Great business leaders and inspiring people have a great vision and plan. For this competition we challenge you to think big but keep your feet on the ground. Imagine that Challenge:Future is your business. How would you expand C:F? How would you make more people breathe C:F? How can you engage young talents in your country or around the world? Put your plan on paper and make the first steps! Then submit your solution and show us what you’ve achieved and how you expanded C:F. Can you do it?

Put together a max 5 slide presentation:

• Slide 1- Your Name, Country, People Reached, Channels used.

• Slide 2 – Describe your plan to expand C:F. Choose guerilla marketingor reach global media. Think think real, think about what you can achieve and implement from where you stand now. You can organize info desks, promote in-class, think of some crazy flyers, get people online, get interviewed in the student newspaper or help them register, help them make a submission, explain them what they can do in C:F. Or you can think of something totally new and totally cool – C:F loves new ideas!

• Slide 3-5 – Show  us your results: photos of your achievements, links to articles, C:F going viral, clips of you in action, testimonials from people getting to know about C:F,  anything that can better show your ideas. Be creative!

Remember, keep your feet on the ground but aim high!


• TOP winner will receive one spot at the World Business Forum in New York, US, 2-3 October 2012. The prize is in amount of $ 2.000 covering the ticket fee for the conference.

• The winner will be invited to dinner by President of Challenge:Future, Andreja Kodrin, in New York!


27 June to 21 August 2012– Application period

7 August to 21 August 2012– Voting Period

22 August to 30 August 2012– Judging period

31 August 2012 – Winners announced

Judging and Evaluation Criteria

1.C:F community will vote for your submission with “thumbs up” from 7 to 21 August 2012 –  and will be able to post comments.

2. Judges and community will select 10 Finalists, top 3 by community votes and 7 chosen by the Judges.

3.The Judging Panel will then select TOP Winner among the 10 Finalists.

The Judges will be particularly looking for the following:

• Outreach of your idea – What has been your reach? How many people got to know C:F and engaged in C:F’s activities?

• Innovative Channels used: Which channels did you use to expand C:F? How did you do it? Any new and innovative ways?

• Virality: Is your strategy so good that it goes viral? It spreads like wildfire? Show it to us and you’ll reserve your spot for World Business Forum.


All applicants need to be registered on C:F platform in order to apply. Student status is not required. There is no age limit for participation in this challenge.


Re-submission of presentations is possible until the end of Application period (21 August 2012). Contact us via Helpdesk.